The Following is a list of key principles that bind ALL Rastafari worldwide:
1. The Divinty of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen 
2. Ethiopia (Africa)  is Zion (Homeland)
3. The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvery as Prophet
4. Ganja is a Holy Sacrement
5. Rastafari stands as the path to “One Universal Love”
6. One Jah, One Aim, One Destiny

  • The Rasta way of life is sometimes referred to as “Rastafarianism” or “Rastafarian”, but these terms are derogatory and offensive to most Rastafari, who are highly critical “isims”. Isims and schisims are a products of Babylon. That is why as Rasta’s we say “Rastafari”. “Rasta” is shortened term of endearment among Rastafari.

  • Rastafari do not cut or interfere with the natural growth of our hair. Dreadlocks are a natural result of this practice, rather than cultivated hairstyles. However not all Rastafari wear Dreadlocks.          
  • Rastafari strive to live as pure a lifestyle as possible. While avoiding vice and materialistic desires. This is often referred to as “livity”

  • Rastafari generally eat only “I-tal” foods- those that are pure as possible without chemical additives

  • Some Rastafari avoid meat (especially pork), coffee, salt, tobacco, alcohol, and seafood.

  • Rastafari revere Ganja (Cannabis) as a  sacramental herb that aids in the discovery of the “INI”, the true form and will of Jah (Jahovah).

  • Rastafari Spiritual Gatherings are sometimes referred to as Nyahbinghi, usually centered  around the sharing of the “Chalice”, a large ceremonial water pipe made from coconut and clay.

There are two types of Spiritual gatherings:
Reasonings – sacramental partaking of Ganja, discussion of social, spiritual and ethical issues.    
Binghi or Groundations – sacramental partaking of Ganja, dancing, singing and feasting (usually reserved for Holidays and important dates )  

  • Jah is a shortened form of Jehovah- monotheistic (God of Abraham)

  • The Holy Bible
  • The Kebra Negast
  • The Feta Negast
  • The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Selassie
  • The Holy Piby (especially among Jamaican Rastafari)

Rastafari Colors And Meanings:                      
  • Red- Represents the blood of martyrs
  • Black- Represents the People
  • Yellow- Represents the wealth of the homeland
  •  Green- Represents the Beauty and vegetation of the homeland

For InI, worship goes beyond the spirit of man, and incorporates all living things. Creation is seen as the epitome of Jah (Most High) and Jah never dies, he only expresses and manifest himself in different carnations.

Therefore, the divinity of life in man is not seen merely in his earthly existence, but while he exists on earth, he must adhere to the laws of the earth, be at one with the earth and live in harmony with others. When these things are done, his life has gained purpose, and he has thus created a harmony within himself uniting his divine self with his lower self, and can do work in the mystics, in the arts, and in the sciences to further humanity.

There is always positive thought (Rasta) where there is negative thought (oppression).

Important dates And Holy Days :
  • January 7 – Ethiopian Christmas
  • April 21 – The anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s visit to Jamaica
  • July 23 – Emperor Haile Selassie I’s Earthstrong (birthday)
  • August 17 – Marcus Garvey’s Earthsrtong (birthday)
  • November 2 – Coronation Day – commemorates The anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I & Empress Menen.