Nyahbinghi is the most ancient house of Rastafari . Queen Nyahbinghi was a warrior queen from Uganda that fought against colinalism. During the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie the First, H.I.M. was given the title of the Head of the Nyahbinghi Order which is defined as death to white and black oppressors.

In the 1930's after the coronation, Rastafari faithful began to gather (grounation) to play traditional drums, chant praises around the Royal Theocracy Thrown of Qadamwai Haile Selassie. Known as the one-two order, the funde players play a heart beat rhythm (1-2), a masterful kete player strikes lightening and fyah while locked into the bass drum (THUNDER) aka pope smasher. Over the drumming the Nyahbinghi community chants songs of praise to The Almighty I, JAH Rastafari!

Colorado Rastafari holds a Nyahbinghi every Full Moon as well as all Holy Rastafari days.
1.7  Ethiopian Christmas
3.25 Empress Wozoro Menen Earthstrong
5.5 Liberation day
5.25 African Liberation day
7.23 Haile Selassie I Earthstrong
8.17 Marcus Mosiah Garvey Earthstrong
9.11 Ethiopian New Year
11.2 Coronation day


The chalice (chawah) is the ceremonial and communial water pipe of Rastafari faithful. In this blessing Rases will chant psalms before lighting the kutchie (bowl) of sacrament. The chalice is a sacred prayer tool to feel the presence of the Most High and purify the mind, body, and soul.

“With a spliff you drift, with the chalice you go to the palace" -Bob Marley


Colorado Rastafari can provide you with one of the most unique experiences in the world on your special day. We will help you plan an amazing ceremony at our beautiful, intimate Rastafari sanctuary, officiated by an ordained Rastafari elder, with Nyabinghi drumming, chanting and blessed sacramental herb.

We can host your reception at our One Love Club banquet hall where you and your guests can enjoy a delicious Ital Ethiopian meal, organic wine and beer selection, followed by a celebration in our dancehall with live Reggae music.  The capacity at the church is 49 and the capacity at the banquet hall is 300.

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Colorado Rastafari offers their beautiful venue and space for private parties and events.

Quick Facts:
  • 8,000 sq foot facility
  • Capacity: 300
  • Catering (Ital/vegan/vegetarian available)
  • Live entertainment
  • Organic and gluten free beer and wine bar
  • Cold pressed juice and smoothie bar
  • Coffee bar
  • Private off-street parking
  • Hotel accommodations within walking distance
Please complete the email contact form and we’ll have an event planner contact you within 48 hours.